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Agile PeopleOps Framework

Building better ways of developing an engaging and enriched people experience by practicing it and helping others to practice it.

The Journey toward Agile PeopleOps Framework™


Agile PeopleOps Framework™ is the world’s first dynamic and unified conceptual process methodology that transforms traditional HR to Agile PeopleOps practices, giving an agile edge in today’s business world.

Today’s business world is operating in an increasingly turbulent environment that can be attributed to both internal and external factors. Internal seismic shifts due to leadership succession or organizational culture & climate, global digital disruption, rise in new talent models, changes in government economic regulations, force majeure, natural disasters, and many other internal & external factors are disrupting the way organizations and workforce function.

In today’s VUCA world, the C-suite and leadership team need to shift their focus from the traditional HR mindset to People Operations (or “PeopleOps”) mindset. The latter aims to understand the value of organizational members and their contribution, with a core intent to design the work in a way that makes members feel engaged and enriched.

Agile PeopleOps Framework™ is a crucial enabler for C-suite, leaders and PeopleOps professionals to embrace growth mindset and take a stepwise approach to build agile organization and drive business agility.


We Are


Team of Teams over

Traditional Hierarchies

Growth Mindset over

Fixed Mindset

Coaching Culture over


Transcultural Competence


Cultural Competence

APF Manifesto

Agile HR Manifesto

As Agility expands beyond software development and as it begins to inform how entire organizations should function, we’re finding that teams need something more people-oriented than the original Manifesto. Agile Human Resources Manifesto seeks to break down barriers, and calls for intentional (and sometimes uncomfortable!) change. It seeks to identify the potential in people, instead of keeping them “in their lane” for ever. It embraces challenges and efforts to improve mastery. It demands that we are more transparent, and we coach one another through feedback and opportunity. The Agile HR Manifesto a.k.a APF Manifesto takes a global look at the world today, recognizing that the most successful teams may be distributed, but still incredibly effective.

Agile HR Principles and Practices

Agile HR Principles


Nurture Talent Experience and Engagement

Talent Champions and HRs need to ‘Treat their Talent the way they want to be treated by a TA team’ and strive to create an effective and sustainable engagement experience


Nexus of Connections between and within Teams

All stakeholders need to ‘connect-collaborate-cocreate’ on a regular basis, and work together as a ‘team of teams’ throughout the human capital process and engagement​


Growth Mindset and Servant Leadership Behaviors

Growth mindset harnesses learning culture and servant leaders are egalitarians who put the needs of their members first


Learning and Feedback Culture

A continuous ongoing feedback sets the wheels of motion for creating talent and employee experience, incremental improvements, and a continuous learning cycle


Focus on Human Effectivity

Organizations and leaders need to focus primarily on effectivity – the capability of producing a desired outcome and doing the right things




Recognize, Respect and Reconcile Cultural Differences

Leaders and organizational members need to successfully adapt to different socio-cultural settings, and develop ‘new boxes of solutions’

APF Values

APF Values

Open Communication











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