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Certificate in Self-Coaching


A proven process to coach yourself to excel 

(One-Day Program)

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This program is for people who want to see excellent results in their life.


More and more people realize the value of coaching. Coaching is one of the most effective ways to help individuals to address their problems and set their pathway to grow. Some got insights as a result of asking the right powerful questions. Some got assistance to challenge and remove self-limiting beliefs and prepare to spread their wings.


Some people enjoy the interaction experience and benefits of a coach. However, many more people do not. The following groups of people would find Self-coaching is a better option to them:


  • People who cannot afford the fees for professional coaching

  • People who have limited time

  • People who do not prefer telling personal issues with a third party

  • People who need to address problems urgently

  • People who are an introvert type

  • People who cannot make a quick decision when they are under pressure

  • People who are undergoing a stressful change

  • People who are facing a problem on his/her own

  • People who cannot find someone to talk to


Self-reliance is the core value of self-coaching.


Rather than having someone be your coach, you become your coach, directing your liberation. The ability and motivation for your own problem-solving reside within you.


No one can help you if you are not willing to act and change. Only you can. Self-coaching is the best lifelong approach for your growth, solving problems, and development.


The process integrates reflective practices with powerful self-talk supporting by evidence-based tools. After learning the process and tools, you are empowered to be your coach.



Course Structure


Module 1: Coaching Essentials

Module 2:  Self Coaching

Module 3: Your coachability

Module 4: Powerful Self Talk

Module 5: Use of Powerful Q Tool

Module 6: Reflective Practices and Storytelling

Module 7: Mindfulness and Journelling

Module 8: Models for Self-Coaching

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