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Change and Transformation

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Rapid change is the norm in the today's business world. Business and organizational change have become the top priorities of leaders. However, change management is neglected that change projects ended up with high failure rates. The professionally managed change process is not just changing process and system, but more importantly, is to transform the mindset of the people involved and develop a new culture to sustain the new normal.


At InfoWorks, our change masters offer organizations with proven methods that focus on people. We engage the stakeholders at the early stage of the change process. We guide the employees and the leaders to collaborate with the entire change process. We also ensure transit going smoothly and rapidly through engagement and communication. Finally, we also work with the leaders to develop a new enabling culture. 

Adopt or Perish (half-day) workshop is a quick solution to enable organizational change or system implementation by helping impact employees to prepare to embracing change. 

Personal Agility Workshop is a face-paced workshop packed fully with activities and exercises to facilitate an employees to build resilience and ownership to transit change process. By adopting our ADKAR+ Model and proven change transition method to shift from passive to active accountable change champion.


Adopted from The Change Leader’s Roadmap

The Change Leader's Roadmap is a roadmap that guides a change project from launch through adoption and sustainment of desired results. The change team will  navigate through the complexity of organizational change and ensures:

  • Leaders are aligned, committed, educated and playing their change role

  • Required shifts in mindset, behavior, and culture take shape as a part of the change ​process

  • Stakeholders participate at the early that they support

  • The most appropriate solution gets created

  • Expected ROI is achieved, on time, and on budget

  • The final change is adopted and sustained by the operations

  • The implementation runs smoothly through iteration and feedback

People element will be put as the first priority throughout the process.

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