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Business Conference

Future Skills Training

Business Agility

  • An Overview of Business Agility

  • Agile Transformation 


Leadership Agility

  • Agile Leadership: Leading Agile Organization Transformation


Adaptability and Personal Agility

  • Adaptability

  • Agility Mindset 

  • Personal Agility

  • Accountability


Agile Teams

  • Collaborative Agile Team

  • Trust Builder


Agile PeopleOps

  • An Introduction to APF

  • Agile PeopleOps Coach Certification

  • Agile PeopleOps Scrum Master 

  • Agile Talent Scrum Master

  • Agile PeopleOps Specialist

  • Agile Talent Champion 

  • Developing an Agile Culture

Change Management

  • Leading Organizational Change

  • Personal Change Management

Up Skills for Work

Business Design Thinking


Lean Startup

Lean HR for Start-Ups and SMEs


Project Management

  • Managing Successful Projects

  • Agile Project Management

Agile Tools

  • Kanban

  • Objective and Key Results (OKR)

  • Insight: Problem-Solving Workshop



Future Work Skills

  • Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI)

  • Four Future Mindsets

  • Future Readiness

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